Casino Rewards in NZ 2024

With the vast number of online casinos in NZ due to the highly competitive industry, Casino Rewards can be the key to standing out.

Casino Rewards Group casinos can make players want to play more due to the generous rewards.

However, due to the vast number of Casino Rewards casinos in the Casino Rewards Group, choosing one that excites you and suits your online casino wants and needs can take time.

That’s where our guide comes in!

Below is a table showing NZ's best Casino Rewards casinos in 2024. We will also explain how to assess Casino Rewards and what else to look for in a Casino Rewards casino.

The Best Casino Rewards Online Casinos in 2024

Yukon Gold Casino
1.Yukon Gold Casino

150 free spins on Mega Money Wheel

VIP program and exclusive casino games

Claim rewards
Casino Classic
2.Casino Classic

No deposit bonus: 3 free spins

40 free spins on $1 deposit

Claim rewards
Zodiac Casino
3.Zodiac Casino

80 free spins

500+ casino games

Claim rewards
Captain Cooks Casino
4.Captain Cooks Casino

100 free spins welcome bonus

Second deposit bonus: 100% up to $100

Claim rewards
Grand Mondial Casino
5.Grand Mondial Casino

150 free spins on Mega Money Wheel

Slots, roulette, blackjack and video poker

Claim rewards
Luxury Casino
6.Luxury Casino

100% up to NZD$1000 welcome bonus

550+ games

Claim rewards

What Are Casino Rewards?

Before we go into detail on how you can decide on a Casino Rewards casino, we need to detail what they are and what they offer players.

The Casino Rewards Group is an operator with multiple online casinos. Due to their name, many players expect high-quality bonus options from them.

There are multiple bonus options that online casinos in the Casino Rewards Group offer to players. The primary goal of a Casino Rewards bonus is to keep players playing on the site and maintaining their interest. You may lose interest if a Casino Rewards casino has a poor selection of deposit or free spins bonuses.

Winning casino games keeps players engaged with a Casino Rewards casino, but the extra reward from bonuses can keep them on the site.

You can also interpret it as a way for online casinos to show their gratitude for your continuing engagement on the platform. A VIP loyalty program is an excellent example; the more you play and win, the closer you will get to better rewards on the loyalty program.

What Are the Different Types of Casino Rewards?

Although they all add to the same result, multiple casino rewards exist. Here are the main bonuses on Casino Rewards casinos.

Deposit Bonus Options

Deposit bonuses are usually the most lucrative casino bonuses on offer at Casino Rewards online casinos.

A deposit bonus consists of receiving a cash bonus when you place a deposit on the site. You need to place a qualifying minimum deposit to obtain the deposit bonus. Additionally, deposit bonuses usually come with a wagering requirement, meaning you must play with the deposit bonus a certain number of times before withdrawing it.

You also need to check what casino games you can use the deposit bonus on; there are often Casino Rewards exclusive slots you must play on to meet the wagering requirement.

No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are similar to regular ones, but you don’t have to deposit to win the money.

Instead, you must fulfil a requirement after opting for the no-deposit bonus. For example, you may need to play a specific game a certain number of times.

Free Spins

Free spins are the simplest form of casino reward. Free spins involve spinning a wheel to determine the number of free spins you can get.

Usually, you can only use the free spins on a particular casino game, so check the terms and conditions to find out which one.

Free spins can also have wagering requirements, but this is usually less than the requirement for a deposit bonus.

A Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is usually a combination of a deposit bonus and free spins that new Casino Rewards casino players can get when they place their first deposit.

To qualify, the first deposit must be over the minimum deposit limit for the promotion. Additionally, you must complete the wagering requirement for the deposit bonus and free spins.

You must also check the games on which you can use the bonus to ensure you complete the wagering requirement.

Loyalty Programs

A loyalty program is the best way to get a steady stream of bonus money from Casino Rewards casinos.

You can sign up for a loyalty program to receive multiple types of bonuses on a regular bonus, including deposit bonuses, free spins, cashback bonuses and more.

A loyalty program usually comes with various tiers. The main difference between the tiers in a loyalty program is the number of bonuses you receive. For example, you may receive more weekly Casino Rewards free spins in the higher tiers.

What Benefits Can You Get From a Casino Rewards Program?

Aside from the money you can receive from Casino Rewards sites, there are multiple other benefits you should consider.

Here is what you can get from a Casino Rewards program.

They Increase the Value For Money of the Online Casino

Casino Rewards can get more value for money outside of the money you win in games; this helps new players especially.

When you sign up for Casino Rewards online casinos, significant losses can put you off. However, the starting bonus money will mean you won’t lose as much when you start.

They Give You More Motivation to Use Casino Rewards Sites

If Casino Rewards sites allow you to withdraw your bonus money immediately, you won’t have much incentive to return to the site.

However, because of the wagering requirements you need to fulfil for the welcome bonus (and other casino bonuses), you have the motivation to play until you can withdraw it. After this, there are multiple additional bonuses (like Casino Rewards free spins) with wagering requirements to keep you invested.

They Can Mitigate the Risk of Online Gambling

While not the most lucrative bonus type, cashback bonuses can recoup a certain percentage of your losses. These bonuses can help you if you lose a lot of money on casino games, somewhat mitigating the risks of online gambling.

However, this shouldn’t be an alternative to responsible gambling.

They Help You to Try New Casino Games

Casino rewards online casinos can be an excellent way to immerse yourself in new casino games you haven’t tried before.

For example, many deposit bonuses and free spins will have specific terms that state that you can only play on specific games, meaning that you may have no choice but to play a game you’re unfamiliar with.

What Considerations Should You Make to Determine the Quality of a Casino Rewards Casino?

When you start looking for excellent Casino Rewards online casinos, determining the best ones can be challenging.

The first thing you must do is determine the quality of the bonuses on offer.

Here are our main tips for evaluating Casino Rewards bonuses properly.

What is their Range of Casino Bonuses?

First, you must assess the range of casino bonus options on the Casino Rewards site.

Refer to our list of online casino bonuses and check if the casino has all or some of them.

After this, you should look into the bonuses further to check for minimum deposit limits and restrictions, such as the games you can play the bonuses on.

Also, you may want to look at the welcome bonus because it might not be exactly how it looks on the casino’s homepage. For example, some online casinos state that they have a 1,500 NZD welcome bonus, but it may split into three bonuses that aren’t all 100% matches (some maybe 50% or 75%).

What Are the Wagering Requirements for Their Deposit Bonuses?

The wagering requirement is the most important part of a casino bonus T&Cs. For example, if the amount on the bonus is high and has a high wagering requirement, it isn’t adding as much value for money as it seems.

The bonuses you want are the ones with the highest amount and the lowest wagering requirement.

You also need to check the wagering requirement for Casino Rewards free spins, although these will be lower than the requirements for deposit bonuses.

Do They Include a Casino Rewards Loyalty Program?

You also need to check if there is a Casino Rewards VIP program because this will be your opportunity to receive the highest number of bonuses from the casino.

If you find Casino Rewards member casinos with a VIP program, you need to check the program to see what bonuses it can get you and how many tiers it has.

If a VIP program has six tiers, it may take much longer to progress through than one with 4. However, a VIP Program with more levels may have more rewards. Compare multiple VIP programs to find the best one for you.

How Do You Maximise the Earning Potential from Casino Rewards?

Casino Rewards Group casinos give you multiple chances to succeed in your online gambling efforts, but this doesn’t mean you should go in without a strategy.

You will likely succeed if you go into a Casino Rewards Group casino with a clear idea of how to maximise your earnings.

Here are some ways to maximise your earning potential from Casino Rewards sites.

Read All the Terms and Conditions of the Casino Rewards

Before you place a deposit or spin a free spins wheel, you must read the terms and conditions.

Reading these can give a good impression of whether the bonus offers good value for money.

The terms and conditions also outline everything you must do to obtain the bonus. If there’s a casino game you are looking forward to playing, it may not get you closer to withdrawing your bonus money. Therefore, you must check the games eligible for the bonus (free spins, for example).

Set Yourself a Budget for Online Casino Games

If you don’t set a budget, you could end up losing a lot of money and potentially enable problem gambling behaviour like asking for more money to gamble from your friends and family.

A budget is a way to set a clear limit when gambling. If you’re on a losing streak, you should check how much budget you have left and stop if you are losing too much. Doing this is an effective way to mitigate your losses on Casino Rewards sites.

Focus on the Games You Are Most Comfortable Playing

If you can use bonus money on any casino game, you should focus on the games you play or like the most. If you put yourself in unfamiliar territory, you are likelier to lose games, especially if you don’t know the rules.

Additionally, you should read the rules of any game you choose to play so you understand every way you can win and your overall chances.

Keep Yourself Informed About Upcoming Casino Rewards

Many Casino Rewards member casinos will introduce exclusive limited bonuses, so you must keep yourself informed so you don’t miss out.

The easiest way to do this is to join the mailing list for your chosen online casino. You can opt-in when you sign up or contact the online casino to learn how to do it.

Use Multiple Casino Rewards Casinos

If you want to access as many Casino Rewards bonus options as possible, consider using multiple casinos.

For example, if you use multiple casinos, you can get various welcome bonus options. However, before you do this, you must check if your budget can cover it.

Doing this is possible with casinos in the Casino Rewards Group because of the large number of casinos under the organisation.

What Other Aspects Should You Evaluate Regarding Casino Rewards Casinos?

Before you choose between the best Casino Rewards online casino options, you should determine how good their other features are.

The makeup of an online casino goes past their bonuses. There are multiple other factors you must consider, including:

  • The casino games.
  • The mobile capabilities.
  • The security features.
  • The systems that encourage fair play.
  • The customer support methods.
  • The payment methods.

Below are some questions you should ask regarding Casino Rewards casinos.

How Good is Their Casino Games Selection?

The casino games will keep you on a Casino Rewards online casino. Therefore, you should look for an option with a large selection of high-quality games.

With this, it’s easier to recommend an online casino.

What Games Should You Expect to See on Reputable Casino Rewards Casinos?

When you assess a Casino Rewards Group online casino, you should see if it has an acceptable selection of games. The games you can expect to see on most online casinos include:

  • Slots games. These can include progressive jackpot games, classic slots, video slots and more. Progressive jackpot games offer large amounts of money that will grow over time. Slots are usually the most prominent and popular game on Casino Rewards brands.
  • Table games. These classic casino games will appeal to players who love table games at physical locations. They usually include blackjack, baccarat, roulette and poker. Many Casino Rewards member online casinos will also have video poker games.
  • Live casino games. Most of these games will be livestreamed table games with live dealers.

You should also check the software providers to see if they are reputable in the industry, including Microgaming and Evolution Gaming. If an online casino doesn’t have a list of software providers available on their website, contact them to see if they can give this to you.

Are the Casino Games Compatible with all Devices?

As well as looking at the games on Casino Rewards online casinos, check if they work with mobile devices and tablets.

Most Casino Rewards online casinos have a mobile site with optimised features and all the bonuses and games of the desktop site. Some will also have a mobile app (more on this below).

Does the Casino Rewards Casino Have a Mobile App?

While not the most common feature, some Casino Rewards casinos have a mobile app.

You can expect these to have optimised menus, features and games from the main site. The menus and pages may look different, but this is only so they are easier to navigate on a mobile device.

These are usually available on iOS and Android devices.

Does the Gaming Experience on the Mobile App Compare to the Desktop Site?

While mobile casinos will have a sufficient number of games from their desktop counterpart, they won’t have everything. Specifically, some mobile casinos don’t give you access to live casino games due to some software’s inability to run on mobile platforms.

Additionally, you may not be able to access every bonus on the mobile casino.

If you love mobile gaming, thoroughly research a casino’s mobile app before choosing it.

Does the Casino Rewards Casino Have Security Features and Systems for Fair Play?

If a Casino Rewards member casino doesn’t have sufficient security and fairness features, it doesn’t matter how good the games and bonuses are.

If it’s unsafe to play and you have a slight chance to win because the games are unfair, avoid the online casino.

Here are the security and fairness features you should expect to find on a Casino Rewards member casino.

What Are the Typical Security Features on Casino Rewards Casinos?

The primary layer of security for a Casino Rewards brand is secure encryption.

High-level encryption can protect data transfers from your Casino Rewards account to your bank account. It helps to protect your financial and personal data. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption is the most common type of encryption, which is excellent for keeping cybercriminals away from your data.

You must check if casino brands have encryption; if they don’t, your data won’t be safe on the site.

Additionally, you should check to see if Casino Rewards member casinos have a license from a reputable regulator. Casino Rewards casino brands use the Kahnawake Gaming Commission as their regulator.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission ensures that all Casino Rewards casino brands follow strict regulations to maintain security on their site.

How Can Casino Rewards Casinos Support Fairness for Players?

There are multiple systems that a Casino Rewards network casino can use to make their systems as fair as possible for players. Here are the two most prominent organisations to ensure fairness in an online casino owned by Casino Rewards Group:

  • eCOGRA audits many online casinos owned by Casino Rewards Group and checks them for fairness.
  • TST (the full name is Technical Systems Testing) focuses on checking how random casino games are to ensure that online casinos owned by Casino Rewards Group can’t rig them in any way.

Additionally, many online casinos owned by Casino Rewards Group use RNGs (Random Number Generators) to ensure that every game on the site is entirely random.

Does the Casino Rewards Casino Have a Good Selection of Customer Support Options?

If you need any help with the Casino Rewards members casino of your choice, you will want them to have multiple contact methods so you can get a hold of them.

Here are some standard contact methods on a Casino Rewards network casino.

A Live Chat Function

A live chat widget is the most accessible contact method and the quickest way to get the online casino’s attention.

You can usually see the widget on every casino page (generally at the bottom of the screen).

An Email System

While the response time for emails is much longer than a live chat, you can send longer and more detailed messages to the customer support team this way.

A Phone Number

While not every Casino Rewards luxury casino has a phone number, some do, and it’s a handy contact method if you prefer direct contact with the customer support team.

An FAQ Page

While not a contact method, an FAQ page is a tool you can use to forgo contacting an online casino directly.

If you have a simple question about the casino, look at the FAQ page before using one of the contact methods.

What Payment Methods Does the Casino Rewards Casino Have?

Finally, you need to check what the banking section on the Casino Rewards luxury casino is like.

First, you should check how many payment methods the Casino Rewards luxury casino has.

Most online casinos will have MasterCard and Visa available. Still, other methods are becoming popular for Kiwis, including web wallets like Neteller and Skrill and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Do Casino Rewards Casinos Have Hidden Fees?

You can check if there are any extra fees in the banking section. However, most Casino Rewards casinos won’t have any of these.

Despite this, your payment provider may have hidden fees when you withdraw from or deposit into the casino, so you must check this with them.

How Long Do Deposits and Withdrawals Take on Casino Rewards Casinos?

Most online casinos will state the times for deposits and withdrawals on their banking section. Deposits are usually instant, but withdrawals can take longer, sometimes up to five business days.

If the information isn’t on the casino's banking page, contact them for specific processing times.

Should You Read Reviews of Casino Rewards Casinos to Determine Their Quality?

As well as doing your own research into Casino Rewards casinos, reading reviews can also help.

If you read professional reviews, they can detail all the significant parts of an online casino, including an extensive look at the games and bonuses. However, when looking for reviews, you must check the date to see if it is a recent look at the operator; if it’s a year old, the casino may have new promotions or other significant changes.

Can User Reviews of Casino Rewards Casinos be Helpful?

User reviews can also inform your opinion of Casino Rewards Casinos because they are often more honest and may mention specific flaws that professional critics miss.

However, you must do your own research to support what user reviews say because there is no guarantee that they’re accurate.

Final Thoughts on the Best Casino Rewards Casinos in NZ in 2024

Our guide should provide an excellent starting point to find your perfect Casino Rewards casino.

Remember to thoroughly research the casino bonus options, including the full terms and conditions (the minimum deposit limit, for example). Also, look at their games, contact methods, security and fairness features and payment methods.

Use our list as an excellent reference for the best Casino Rewards casinos, but also continue to research them to find the best one for you!

Nz Casino Rewards Casinos Frequently Asked Questions

You can trust Casino Rewards Casinos for several reasons, including:

  • They use high-level encryption to provide a thick layer of data security.
  • They have systems like RNG to make games fair.
  • The Kahnawake Gaming Commission monitors these casinos to ensure they follow specific laws and regulations.

The Casino Rewards VIP Program spans multiple casinos, so if you rack up VIP points on one casino, you can use them on another one.

However, the rewards available at these casinos may differ, so check what you can claim.

The typical rewards at Casino Rewards Casinos include:

  • Free spins for progressive jackpot slots (and other slots).
  • Deposit bonuses are where you place a qualifying deposit and get a match bonus.
  • No deposit bonuses where you complete a requirement to get the prize.

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