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We, the team behind CasinoToplist, are passionate about providing consumers with easily accessible and relevant information before they decide where to spend their money. We started this site to make it easier to filter through reputable gaming companies and compare the pros and cons of their offers.

Our team of experts

At CasinoToplist, us kiwis are meticulous in selecting and collaborating with writers who have prior experience with gambling and online casinos in NZ. We also train our writers to craft content that's easy for someone new to gaming to understand, while still being engaging for those who've been playing for a long time.

Matthew Taylor
Matthew Taylor
New Zealand Editor

Why you should use CasinoToplist before choosing an online casino

At CasinoToplist, we have extensive experience in the gaming industry and specialize in comparing various data to assist you, the consumer, in making a sound decision when picking a casino.

We believe it's crucial to thoroughly research and compare different online casinos before choosing one, as a poor choice could result in you losing all your money or finding yourself in an unfavorable situation.

With our comprehensive information, unbiased reviews, and expert insights, we're here to guide you through the maze of online casinos and ensure you select the best option for you.

When we rate a casino, we conduct a thorough test and even deposit a small amount with the casino to try everything out. Afterward, we perform a step-by-step evaluation for each casino based on seven points. You can read more about these below.

How we rate casinos in our comparison

  1. Bonus
    First, we examine the bonus the casino offers. How good is it compared to what other operators in the market provide?

    A crucial aspect to consider is the wagering requirement. If the bonus is high but the wagering requirement is also high, we might rank another operator with a lower bonus and wagering requirement higher.
  2. Payment methods
    We look into the available payment methods. The most popular methods carry the most weight in our comparisons, but we also take into account the breadth and range of choices, i.e., how many payment solutions the casino accepts.
  3. license and security
    We care about our visitors feeling safe when choosing a casino through us. It's essential that the terms are fair and that the casino operator is trustworthy. We always read through the general terms and the privacy policy for each casino to ensure everything is in order.
  1. Customer service
    In this step, we first assess the casino based on how many contact methods they offer: Live chat, email, phone, and social media. We then test each contact method to see the waiting time and the quality of customer service.

    We tend to ask somewhat challenging questions to gauge the knowledge of the staff and their willingness to address our concerns.
  2. Design and User-Friendliness
    Here, we test each casino based on its design and ease of use on mobile, computer, and tablet. In our opinion, modern casinos should be easy to navigate and use across all types of devices.
  3. Game selection
    Here, we look at the number of games offered. How many slots can one play? Is live casino available? Is the casino quick in releasing new slots?
  1. Other Customer Reviews and Feedback
    In the final step, we look into what other past (and current) customers think about the casino. We go through Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and forums to see if others share our views concerning the points mentioned above.

How our comparison list is structured and how to use it:

  1. Bonuses and Offers - Here, we present the best current offer from the casino. It's often about bonus money and/or free spins.
  2. Rating - Our overall rating (1-5) on how good the casino is compared to others.


Our goal is to review and rate all NZ online casinos. However, we've chosen not to include any online casinos that don't have an active gambling license from the Gaming Inspectorate in our comparisons.


We warmly welcome any kind of feedback to improve our comparison site. If there's a casino missing from our list that you'd like us to review, you can email us through the contact form further down this page.

We update the content several times a week to ensure that everything is accurate.

All the casinos we list and compare have a real gambling icense and are subject to NZ legislation. Therefore, you can feel safe with all the casinos you find here.

For general questions about our site, you can reach out to us at info [at] casinotoplist.com. If you have an issue related to any of the casinos we've written about, we recommend you contact their own support directly.

Playing in moderation is essential. That's why we have written an article on the topic of "responsible gambling" so that you, as a visitor, know where to turn if you feel you are beginning to have problems with your gambling.

Yes, all our articles delve deep into the world of online casinos and are written to be useful for both beginners and experienced casino players.

To maintain transparency and unbiased reviews while we generate income from the website, we take several measures:

  1. Clear information: We're upfront about receiving compensation from certain casinos through advertisements and affiliate links. This information is clearly stated on our website, ensuring visitors are aware of our revenue model. 
  2. Independent reviews: Our experts review and rate casinos based on a strict and predetermined set of criteria. This ensures the reviews remain unbiased and aren't influenced by our relationship with various casinos. 
  3. Separation of editorial and commercial content: We ensure there's a clear distinction between editorial content (reviews, guides, and tips) and commercial content (advertisements and affiliate links) on our website. This makes it easier for visitors to differentiate between objective and commercial recommendations. 
  4. Commitment to assisting users: Our primary goal is to assist our users in making informed decisions regarding selecting online casinos. Therefore, we prioritize providing useful and relevant information, even if it means not receiving compensation for certain casinos.

By adhering to these guidelines, we can offer a website that's both informative and transparent, whilst also funding its operation and further development."

Work with Casinotoplist NZ

We're always keen to hear from ambitious and knowledgeable writers who we could potentially add to our team. Do you enjoy delving deep into complex topics and conducting thorough research? Do you have a flair for writing? Are you naturally curious and willing to go the extra mile to produce a truly compelling article? If so, you might just be the right fit for us. Flick an email to info [at] casinotoplist.com with a brief introduction about yourself, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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